Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sea Calling...

The sea has a different way of calling out to me. Every time i feel low or am in a dire need of a vacation the sea comes to mind instantly. Yes, I love hills too. They are beautiful and so serene, but the sea is different. Its convenient, its pleasant and it talks to you in different languages at different times of the day.
The last time I went to the beach was on sultry June weekend. Everybody told me not to go as it was tremendously hot and humid. However we were greeted by the monsoons and the sea had never looked that beautiful before.
Yes, I love travelling. The mountains come alive with every ray of the run, but there is something very mysterious and adventurous about the sea.
I will always have that special feeling stacked up in my heart of the first time the waves come and kiss your toes on a sultry June evening while sea breeze sweeps through your hair. It is a feeling that will never be paralleled!!

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