Saturday, July 14, 2012

The faces that tell..

Its funny how time just rushes by.. you don't even realise how all those birthday parties, those late night slumber parties, the laid back college life and the relationships gone sour turn you into an adult. You suddenly realise all the mistakes you have made and often become complacent..
Life is a funny story, you suddenly start seeing the truth about various people..random faces on the road have more stories in their lives than we can probably imagine. And we begin to realise this place is not as sweet and comfortable as we thought it to be. Tragedies, unhappiness and all the pangs of growing up suddenly hit you. You will not be 18 or 21 again, responsibilities start jutting out from nowhere and one day, we wake up to find that we have all grown up..The thing we wanted the most as kids has now come true but its just not as serene as we thought it would be.
Life is a funny story told in many chapters. Each having its own plot. The stories each person writes everyday in his own heart.
Ultimately, it upto us though how we want the story to go. So maybe I will believe what many great people said.. "Always see the positive." It just makes those unhappy chapters of your life lined with happiness.

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