Saturday, April 23, 2011


I wonder why all relationships specially the ones we term successful have to culminate in marriage??
Is there no other way to define a successful relationship?

Long time back i met a boy... we became friends and we fell in love..years passed and with time the young love eroded between us.. Things became painful and separation was inevitable. Time passed and wounds were healed...and a new friendship blossomed again. A friendship much deeper and matured.
We were emergency time friends once again...
We are not Siamese twins that everything will be similar between us.. Yes the pain created many a sleepless nights and fake suicide notes...but what it created further more was a bond to accept the differences and respect them.
I do not think a successful relationship has to culminate into can culminate into something much greater and better...

A friendship!!
Thank you dear friend... :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you remember??

It was a long time back, we were young restless things wanting to spend our life together. It was autumn and the leaves had just started abandoning the trees, but you came closer to me. We walked..and it was never stressful...we walked unknown roads and held hands for the first time. My heart skipped a beat when our fingers twined!!

The leaves under our feet gave away our mysterious presence in the dark street shrouded by dim lights.. we walked and the silence spoke to our hearts.. Do you remember how we greeted the morning sun and the evening moon..?? We though life was about love and we were young.

I still remember the day our eyes met for the first time, the first steps of an eventful journey.. I still remember the walk by the lake on an autumn evening... I still remember the first sunrise we watched together...

But now we are no longer is so much more than just love.. We moved apart and the world played the devil's advocate..
But I still remember...Do you?

Monday, April 11, 2011

I find the humming bird one of the most beautiful creations of nature... In certain ways they are just like us humans..they are smart and fast...and their survival also depends on certain aspects. However they are pure unlike us.. their life have a certain discipline and they abide by it..

Quite often i find some people who resemble this small but beautiful bird...the fight to remain pure against the backdrop of evil..
To the humming bird...

Thursday, January 27, 2011


It all began with a revelation... Was I really technologically handicapped?? I wondered all morning as i chewed soulfully on my breakfast cereal..
Then i decided to reopen my long lost blog which i visit only when i decide to play with confidence. You see most of my friends are gifted in some way or the other...and by gifted i mean gifted in the modern sense... some write really well and some have an this crazy encyclopedia kind of a brain when it comes to movies or music and sometimes even football.. well i am not gifted... i chew i swallow and i stare.. The ego in me tells me, why do you want to go through all this again.. some body will sneer and say..gawd This female can't write.. anyhow, today i did not come to write i came to test my technological skills... which i doubt i have!!
For a long time i envied the colorful and interactive blogs of my friends and wondered for a long time how to do the same..
there, after 2 hrs..i finally end up making my blog look like that of a "technologically-gifted person"!!
Hope you like it!!