Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rain drops keep falling on my head...

What is about rain??? And why do some people always complain?? I mean yes heavy rains in an underdeveloped city like calcutta has its inconvenience.. but come does so many things. I feel rain has a beautiful way of bringing back memories... happy ones.. rain just makes it beautiful...the smell of  the Earth.. The way green leaves just come back to life... the way crows with their fluffed up feathers search for refuge on the balcony railings not realising they are still getting drenched in the rain.. colourful umbrella and paper boats on puddles.. Rain comes with the hope that no the world will not end in 2012..there will be more monsoons and more such days when u just want to remain cuddled up in your house and watch the rain drops knock against your window pane...yeah its obviously easy to say that when you are on the other side of the window.. ;)
But yeah its no use denying rains are beautiful..