Monday, April 22, 2013

On being an adult..

It almost ironical how time passes by. Before we know it we are already responsible mature adults. Most of us as children often imagined how lovely it is to be an adult. To have the freedom to what we want to have fancy bags with money in them, to travel go shopping alone..
During the teen years the urgency to grow is even more...
And one fine day we do.
We become adults with 9-to-5 jobs..responsibilities that range from picking up groceries to filling up the mutual fund forms. Suddenly childhood doesn't seem to so bad.
The day you finish your education and step into the real world you realise that was actually the last time u gave a test.. wished your teacher good morning... had fun with your friends over lunch.
No matter how much we want that life to end and a new one to begin, when it really happens... its a different story altogether...

Friday, March 1, 2013

When i grow up..I want to be...

"What is it about cooking that makes you so happy??"

I was asked this question today. Not once but twice by two different individuals.
Honestly i do not know. It is not my profession and somehow i do not want to make it my profession either. But it just makes me happy. After a tiring or sad day its something that cheers me up. Makes me joyful. Even if my cake is not perfect or my chicken preparation is a wee bit too salty... the happiness of hearing the sound of onions being put in a hot wok or the aroma of garlic in butter.. the taste of fried prawns with parsley and lemon.. its just magical.
Yes cooking is my hobby. I can't paint or play an instrument to save my life. but yes i can cook and it makes me happy. I feel everybody should try cooking atleast once in their life.
To feel the joy of creating something soooo beautiful out of something so simple.
Fried Ice Cream with chocolate sauce
Oh, pure joy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rain drops keep falling on my head...

What is about rain??? And why do some people always complain?? I mean yes heavy rains in an underdeveloped city like calcutta has its inconvenience.. but come does so many things. I feel rain has a beautiful way of bringing back memories... happy ones.. rain just makes it beautiful...the smell of  the Earth.. The way green leaves just come back to life... the way crows with their fluffed up feathers search for refuge on the balcony railings not realising they are still getting drenched in the rain.. colourful umbrella and paper boats on puddles.. Rain comes with the hope that no the world will not end in 2012..there will be more monsoons and more such days when u just want to remain cuddled up in your house and watch the rain drops knock against your window pane...yeah its obviously easy to say that when you are on the other side of the window.. ;)
But yeah its no use denying rains are beautiful..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The faces that tell..

Its funny how time just rushes by.. you don't even realise how all those birthday parties, those late night slumber parties, the laid back college life and the relationships gone sour turn you into an adult. You suddenly realise all the mistakes you have made and often become complacent..
Life is a funny story, you suddenly start seeing the truth about various people..random faces on the road have more stories in their lives than we can probably imagine. And we begin to realise this place is not as sweet and comfortable as we thought it to be. Tragedies, unhappiness and all the pangs of growing up suddenly hit you. You will not be 18 or 21 again, responsibilities start jutting out from nowhere and one day, we wake up to find that we have all grown up..The thing we wanted the most as kids has now come true but its just not as serene as we thought it would be.
Life is a funny story told in many chapters. Each having its own plot. The stories each person writes everyday in his own heart.
Ultimately, it upto us though how we want the story to go. So maybe I will believe what many great people said.. "Always see the positive." It just makes those unhappy chapters of your life lined with happiness.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sea Calling...

The sea has a different way of calling out to me. Every time i feel low or am in a dire need of a vacation the sea comes to mind instantly. Yes, I love hills too. They are beautiful and so serene, but the sea is different. Its convenient, its pleasant and it talks to you in different languages at different times of the day.
The last time I went to the beach was on sultry June weekend. Everybody told me not to go as it was tremendously hot and humid. However we were greeted by the monsoons and the sea had never looked that beautiful before.
Yes, I love travelling. The mountains come alive with every ray of the run, but there is something very mysterious and adventurous about the sea.
I will always have that special feeling stacked up in my heart of the first time the waves come and kiss your toes on a sultry June evening while sea breeze sweeps through your hair. It is a feeling that will never be paralleled!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Narcissist called Nature..

Post-graduation is tough. It makes you toil. Literally. You don't have time for anything, well almost anything. The other day me and four other friends were going over a presentation on organisational behaviour that we were supposed to present in a few minutes. There was an empty classroom beside our own and we were utilizing that. A single window was kept open and bright red floral branches caught my eyes. Yes it was spring. A krishnachura tree. The special thing about this tree was it was unnaturally beautiful. It has different hues in different seasons....and spring just brings out the best in this tree..
We often don't have time to stand and stare...but nature just presses you to let your guard down and admire the beauty she produces. The window, the tree and its off-spring just reminded us that no matter how busy we are, the world keeps moving and it is upto you whether you want to stand and admire the beauty once in a while or live your life in a race..

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I wonder why all relationships specially the ones we term successful have to culminate in marriage??
Is there no other way to define a successful relationship?

Long time back i met a boy... we became friends and we fell in love..years passed and with time the young love eroded between us.. Things became painful and separation was inevitable. Time passed and wounds were healed...and a new friendship blossomed again. A friendship much deeper and matured.
We were emergency time friends once again...
We are not Siamese twins that everything will be similar between us.. Yes the pain created many a sleepless nights and fake suicide notes...but what it created further more was a bond to accept the differences and respect them.
I do not think a successful relationship has to culminate into can culminate into something much greater and better...

A friendship!!
Thank you dear friend... :)