Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Narcissist called Nature..

Post-graduation is tough. It makes you toil. Literally. You don't have time for anything, well almost anything. The other day me and four other friends were going over a presentation on organisational behaviour that we were supposed to present in a few minutes. There was an empty classroom beside our own and we were utilizing that. A single window was kept open and bright red floral branches caught my eyes. Yes it was spring. A krishnachura tree. The special thing about this tree was it was unnaturally beautiful. It has different hues in different seasons....and spring just brings out the best in this tree..
We often don't have time to stand and stare...but nature just presses you to let your guard down and admire the beauty she produces. The window, the tree and its off-spring just reminded us that no matter how busy we are, the world keeps moving and it is upto you whether you want to stand and admire the beauty once in a while or live your life in a race..

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