Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I don't why, but this week too many incidents are making me feel very rebellious!! Everything that is wrong is making me even more angry. The worst part is that although i try, i can't change it. 8 months back, my relative (one of my 2nd cousins) got married. I was pretty happy and all...he is 28 years old and runs the family business. Since we are not "that" close to them it can be termed a formal event. The girl he was getting married to was 21 years of age and an engineer in the making. She was in third year doing computer engineering from Benaras. However she came from a very humble and modest background and getting married and leaving your education half way, was not a great deal. She agreed to the marriage like a dutiful Indian daughter who has been taught not to question order.

She gave up her studies and now she is 6 months pregnant. I don't know whether she is happy, coz she never says anything. But what i question is, would a boy have been told to give up his education to get married and bring up a child. Inspite of being a good student, she had to leave her studies so she does'nt become a burden on her parents or cross the baby producing age. It is just incorrigible to see how even today in the 21st century, we have not been able to break our narrow minds and ways of implying our desicions. Leaving out a handful of people, even today in a middle class family, it is a ritual to start discussing a girls marriage once she reaches 20.

This is just disgusting. Our society has no balance. The word equillibrium has no significance any more. Some people are getting married at 60 and producing test tube babies and booking old age homes at the same time while some are getting married at 18 giving up their dreams ..to be dutiful daughters and wife's.

All our lifes we have been taught to obey and be dutiful. Never to Question the order, but is that normal?? But is not normal to question the right from the wrong once you have the ability to do so?? I thought these injustices were left behind in the 1960's but somehow now they are still very much active, just not visible to the naked eye!!

A lot of women's welfare organisations are mushrooming all over the country and the world these days... but i doubt whether anybody pays heed to the ordinary girl's woes. There might be a girl who has all the nessecities of life but wants to have a Dr. or M.A. beside her initials but is made to carry babies and cook all her life. Why don't we call it injustice?? Does a woman always have be poor or a protitute or a victim of physical torture to get some help?? I don't know. Maybe we are too steeped in the comfort of our hypocritical society to go forward and take notice of anything.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Change is constant...
26th November 2008, India saw one of it's bloodiest and most devastating terrorists attacks on Mumbai...the heart of trade and business in the country...who did it and why they did it still looms over like the dark clouds on our countries political instability. We whine for them, and cry for them... all the other cities are put on HIGH "alert" and there is a policy of check one...check all!! But this paranomia lasts for a week and maximum for a fortnight until another devastating situation takes place.
Two days back i herad a first hand story of one of the hostages trapped the Oberoi Trident for 48 hours during this attack. He was not shaken...however his story shook me up. These so called terrorists have such an immaculate way of planning, they know what they are doing and how they are doing it. The funny part is that all illegal stuff is done with a lot of plannig but what should be done is taken in a very lax manner. I visited South City Mall two days before the blast and two days after the blast...two days before they just looked at my face ( as though it will be written that i'm carrying ammunitions on my face!!) and two days later they made me go through an intensive check!! What amuses me is the nature of people to take notice only after the harm is done. I kept questioning my father how a Five star hotal had no proper security. A place where so many foreign nationals and other people go had no defence mechanism. We have let down the dignity of our country once again. But with this attack, an internal attack has been launched. One political party against another. Every second minister resigning or being susupended. Is this all a bloody joke???
I do not understand.. I love my country..but i do love what is going on. Hindus are saying Musilims did it and muslims are saying that hindus did it. Why?? Does Mumbai only reside hindu citizens?? Does Shah rukh Khan or Aamir Khan not go to Taj or Oberoi even once?? Or is it like all the muslims in the country have no work so they say come lets kill all the hindus and have their cows!! for god's sake, i'm just so sick of this blame game.
When will this war stop?? When will we learn to love the good and hate the bad equally??? when will equality come??
Recently Rs.1.6 MILLION was spent on a Fat Retired Argentinian footballer to get him down to kolkata and "honour" him!! But when it comes to security of the country and it's people, no one seems to be bothered.
It is high time to take a desicion... Either we let everything be as it is or stand up against the illeaglities and stupidities performed in our country!
It's high time we stop history repeat itself!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pujo 08'

I love the face of a the goddess in a traditional pujo... it's so powerful yet so serene!!!
wishing verybody a subho Bijoya!!!:)