Monday, April 22, 2013

On being an adult..

It almost ironical how time passes by. Before we know it we are already responsible mature adults. Most of us as children often imagined how lovely it is to be an adult. To have the freedom to what we want to have fancy bags with money in them, to travel go shopping alone..
During the teen years the urgency to grow is even more...
And one fine day we do.
We become adults with 9-to-5 jobs..responsibilities that range from picking up groceries to filling up the mutual fund forms. Suddenly childhood doesn't seem to so bad.
The day you finish your education and step into the real world you realise that was actually the last time u gave a test.. wished your teacher good morning... had fun with your friends over lunch.
No matter how much we want that life to end and a new one to begin, when it really happens... its a different story altogether...

Friday, March 1, 2013

When i grow up..I want to be...

"What is it about cooking that makes you so happy??"

I was asked this question today. Not once but twice by two different individuals.
Honestly i do not know. It is not my profession and somehow i do not want to make it my profession either. But it just makes me happy. After a tiring or sad day its something that cheers me up. Makes me joyful. Even if my cake is not perfect or my chicken preparation is a wee bit too salty... the happiness of hearing the sound of onions being put in a hot wok or the aroma of garlic in butter.. the taste of fried prawns with parsley and lemon.. its just magical.
Yes cooking is my hobby. I can't paint or play an instrument to save my life. but yes i can cook and it makes me happy. I feel everybody should try cooking atleast once in their life.
To feel the joy of creating something soooo beautiful out of something so simple.
Fried Ice Cream with chocolate sauce
Oh, pure joy!