Thursday, January 27, 2011


It all began with a revelation... Was I really technologically handicapped?? I wondered all morning as i chewed soulfully on my breakfast cereal..
Then i decided to reopen my long lost blog which i visit only when i decide to play with confidence. You see most of my friends are gifted in some way or the other...and by gifted i mean gifted in the modern sense... some write really well and some have an this crazy encyclopedia kind of a brain when it comes to movies or music and sometimes even football.. well i am not gifted... i chew i swallow and i stare.. The ego in me tells me, why do you want to go through all this again.. some body will sneer and say..gawd This female can't write.. anyhow, today i did not come to write i came to test my technological skills... which i doubt i have!!
For a long time i envied the colorful and interactive blogs of my friends and wondered for a long time how to do the same..
there, after 2 hrs..i finally end up making my blog look like that of a "technologically-gifted person"!!
Hope you like it!!

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