Saturday, April 23, 2011


I wonder why all relationships specially the ones we term successful have to culminate in marriage??
Is there no other way to define a successful relationship?

Long time back i met a boy... we became friends and we fell in love..years passed and with time the young love eroded between us.. Things became painful and separation was inevitable. Time passed and wounds were healed...and a new friendship blossomed again. A friendship much deeper and matured.
We were emergency time friends once again...
We are not Siamese twins that everything will be similar between us.. Yes the pain created many a sleepless nights and fake suicide notes...but what it created further more was a bond to accept the differences and respect them.
I do not think a successful relationship has to culminate into can culminate into something much greater and better...

A friendship!!
Thank you dear friend... :)


little boxes said...

friendship is something that cannot be decided by the world.
if it is your relationship, then i dont think anyone has the right to decide terms on it :)
i am glad you have such a strong bond that you can is not the same thing for everyone.

yasho said...

Exactly...friendship is perhaps one of those few relationships which is not pre decided by man..