Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My best friend.. i miss you!!

Somehow I find it extremely difficult to relate modernity with Grandparents, especially when it comes to their attire. You may call me backdated and old school type, but I cannot imagine my Grandmother wearing a a tight ass-ed jeans shorts with a tank top playing golf and drinking beer!!

I remember her...
She always wore very light colored sari's. She had lost her husband that is my grandfather long before i was born. Therefore according to tradition she wore a light colored sari, not pure white but a color that would make her look gorgeous. On busy days when she would be cooking in the kitchen her "achaal" would be stained with turmeric... She had this long hair which was partly black even till her last day, which she would tie into a tight bun. She used be my playmate all through the day and sometimes even late past mid-night.

She was my best friend, a person i could share everything with.. she would never scold me or scream at me. Her teachings too had a certain warmth in it that made me adhere to it. She was born and married before independence but had the streak of a modern independent lady. She raised two daughters and four grandchildren. Even then her open mindedness and adventurous spirit never failed to amaze me. To me she was a modern woman who knew the value of independence and tradition.
That is how i see grandparents..

I miss you didun...
I wish you were here...

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