Sunday, April 26, 2009

the last dodo..

How expensive are those three words??
Why do we fret when it comes to the most basic human emotion???
We forget that we are all human beings... we belong to the same species...but no, we would rather be jealous, smear the person's character and start bitching. We cannot love our fellow human beings just for being there.
There are times i thank god for giving so many peple in my life...thankful that i'm not the last dodo in the world. I sometimes wonder how the last dodo felt before it died. I would have been scared... really scared... that i don't see anybody like me.
We have been binded by the same creations we have created...
Frankenstein is not very far....
It's time to love without love the short fat ugly dark and not care...coz he or she mite be the last person alive with u some day!!
Maybe if we try we'll realise that love is perhaps not that expensive after all!!:)

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